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A Manchester woman has filed suit against United Airlines claiming she was severely injured after the flight crew told her to jump 6 feet to the ground because of smoke in the cockpit. The flight crew exited through a stairway.

Elizabeth Daley claims the flight attendants on the June 2015 United Express Flight 4776 from Newark to Bradley Airport “were negligent and careless” by telling passengers to jump out the rear door onto the tarmac after landing. The entire flight crew lowered a stairway to exit the plane, the suit alleges.

Daley claims she sustained “serious physical injuries,” some of which might be permanent, because of the unnecessary exit. Those injuries include a strain or sprain to her right knee; a lumbar strain or sprain; reduced range of motion in her knee; physical and mental pain and suffering; and a “shock and fright to her nervous system.”

Daley filed her nine-page lawsuit in Hartford Superior Court on May 25. It was moved to U.S. District Court in New Haven Tuesday at the request of the airline. United Airlines is the parent company of United Express.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages.

According to the lawsuit, Daley sustained lost wages and will be forced to pay for past and future medical expenses, physical therapy and surgery. The lawsuit does not state how much money was spent on medical care nor how many surgeries Daley has had or might need in the future. Her attorney, solo practitioner J. Xavier Pryor of Windsor, was not available for comment.

The lawsuit alleges the pilots noticed smoke in the cockpit before landing. The flight crew notified passengers of the situation and told them they’d have to jump from the plane to the tarmac once they landed.

The lawsuit claims the crew “failed to notify passengers that, although an emergency situation has existed, the emergency had abated thereby eliminating the need to evacuate under emergency protocol.” In addition, it’s alleged the crew “failed to properly instruct the passengers of the proper procedure for exiting the aircraft.”

The airline is represented by Jacob J. Lantry and Erica L. Larence, associates with Campbell, Campbell, Edwards & Conroy in Boston. Both Lantry and Larence were unavailable for comment Thursday.

The case is scheduled to be heard in front of U.S. District Judge Charles S. Haight Jr.