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In the Law Tribune’s White Collar special section, articles focus on the Volkswagen crisis, trading cases and other topics.

Lessons From the First Indictment in the Volkswagen Crisis
Relationship building, internal education and monitoring efforts are burdensome and time-consuming but, as Volkswagen’s woes have already demonstrated, the cost of compliance is always less than the cost of a crisis. Read more

Insider Trading Cases Since ‘Newman’
No one should believe that prosecutors’ focus on insider trading cases has waned. Investors, compliance officers and counsel must remain as vigilant as ever to knowing the insider trading rules and preventing illegal behavior. Read more

‘McDonnell’ and the Future of Political Corruption Cases
This decision does not preclude future prosecution but it will require a renewed focus on proving that a bribe was made in exchange for, or with an expectation of, an “official act” in return. Expect to see prosecutors bring what they believe are the right cases with the right jury instructions. But also expect defendants to formulate defenses that rely heavily on the Supreme Court’s McDonnell decision. Read more