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Last year, the Law Tribune debuted its Personal Injury Hall of Fame awards. The intent was to honor some of the highest dollar—and highest profile—personal injury cases in Connecticut.

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Winner: General Negligence

Welder Dies in Fall Down Elevator Shaft: $1.5 Million

The family of a Dayville man who was killed when he fell down an elevator shaft at a construction site settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $1.5 million.

Case: Lisa Millett, administratrix of the estate of Brian Millett v. Benderson Development Co.
Attorneys: Robert and Kelly Reardon, Joseph Barnes and Matthew Zucker
Law Firm: The Reardon Law Firm

* * *

Finalist: General Negligence

Vertebrae Shattered in Tree-Cutting Mishap: $1 Million

A man who fell 25 feet or more from a ladder while trying to trim tree branches has recovered $1 million from the people who asked him to do the work.

Case: Dean Martin v. Amelia Olinda
Attorney: Steven Errante
Law Firm: Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante

Winner: Dog Bite

Women’s Leg Snapped By Running Dog: $2.6 Million

A woman whose leg was snapped into four pieces by a large dog that ran into her at a dog park was awarded nearly $2.6 million by a Stamford jury.

Case: Sara Muehring v. Diana O’Farrell
Attorneys: Stewart Casper, Carolyn Naylor
Law Firm: Casper & de Toledo

Winner: Intentional Tort

Boy Scouts Liable For Troop Leader’s Assaults: $7 Million

A 2014 Connecticut case resulted in a $7 million verdict against the Boy Scouts. It’s believed to be the largest compensatory damages verdict against the organization.

Case: John Doe v. Boy Scouts of America
Attorneys: Paul Slager, Jennifer Goldstein
Law Firm: Silver Golub & Teitell

* * *

Finalist: Intentional Tort

Girl Was Abused by Mother’s Boyfriend: $2.75 Million

A woman who as a child was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend was awarded $2.75 million by a Willimantic jury.

Case: Dawn Andalora v. Joseph Falanga
Attorney: Frank Bartlett Jr.
Law Firm: Bartlett Burns

Winner: Medical Malpractice

Hernia Surgery Mistake Leads to Hospital Suit: $12 Million

A woman who went into Danbury Hospital for what was supposed to be a routine hernia operation ended up spending 34 days in the intensive-care unit and amassing $1 million in medical bills.

Case: Vivian and Philip Gagliano v. Danbury Hospital, Venkata Bodavula and Joseph Gordon
Attorneys: Sean McElligott, Joshua Koskoff
Law Firm: Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder

* * *

Finalist: Medical Malpractice

Doctor Failed To Help Suicidal Patient: $8 Million

A former Tolland doctor and his nurse practitioner failed to treat a patient’s mental illness, instead giving him numerous sleeping pills for insomnia. And so, the plaintiff’s lawyers said, James Morrin did not get the help he desperately needed. In June 2009, he shot and killed his wife, Alice, and then killed himself seconds later.

Case: Mary Morrin, executor of the estate of James Morrin v. Carl Koplin
Attorneys: Joshua Koskoff, Katie Mesner-Hage
Law Firm: Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder

Winner: Motor Vehicle

Boy Nearly Killed by Dump Truck: $8 Million

A 9-year-old boy who was nearly killed after the vehicle he was riding in was struck by a dump truck was awarded nearly $8 million by a Bridgeport jury.

Case: Thomas McCauley v. Devin Schreyer
Attorneys: Paul Ganim; Stewart Casper
Law Firms: Ganim Legal P.C.; Casper & de Toledo

* * *

Finalist: Motor Vehicle

DOT Supervisor Killed on Highway: $7.3 Million

A Hartford jury awarded nearly $7.3 million to the estate of a Connecticut Department of Transportation supervisor who was killed in 2012 while working on Route 8 near Waterbury.

Case: Frederick DiNardi III, executor of the estate of Daniel DiNardi v. PTX Services and Gina Davies
Attorneys: John Houlihan Jr., Michael Kennedy
Law Firm: RisCassi & Davis

Winner: Motorcycle

Motorcyclist Hit by UPS Truck: $3.4 Million

A Hartford Superior Court jury returned a $3.4 million verdict in the case of a motorcyclist who was severely injured in a collision with a United Parcel Service truck in 2012.

Case: Matthew Karotkin v. United Parcel Service and Celestino Amaral
Attorney: Patrick Kennedy
Law Firm: RisCassi & Davis

* * *

The family of an Enfield man who was killed after a pickup truck turned in front of his motorcycle settled their wrongful death lawsuit for $2.25 million.

Case: Donna Weaver, administratrix of the estate of Robert Kegler v. Kebalo Electric Co.
Lawyer: Ryan McKeen
Law Firm: McKeen Law Firm

Winner: Product Liability

Severe Eye Injury Caused by Leash Malfunction: $1.3 Million

A building contractor who lost most of his vision in one eye after a retractable dog leash recoiled and struck his face settled his product liability lawsuit against a Connecticut company for $1.3 million.

Case: Michael Slugg v. M2 Products Inc.

Attorney: Brenden Leydon
Law Firm: Tooher Wocl & Leydon

Winner: Public Liability

Police Failed to Protect Woman From Attacker: $10 Million

A jury awarded $10 million to the family of a woman who was stabbed to death after police officers allegedly failed to enforce a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

Case: Alvin Notice, as executor for the Estate of Tiana Notice v. City of Waterbury, Town of Plainville, et al.
Attorneys: Thomas Murphy, James Healy
Law Firm: Cowdery & Murphy

* * *

Finalist: Public Liability

Young Pedestrian Killed by Town Truck: $4.1 Million

The family of a boy who was struck and killed by a town-owned truck while walking to his school bus stop recovered $4.1 million in a settlement with Stratford.

Case: Carlos Prada v. Robert Maloy
Attorneys: Donald Papcsy, Devin Janosov
Law Firm: Papcsy Janosov Roche Trial Lawyers

Winner: Premises Liability

Boys Club Liable for Girl’s Drowning: $12.3 Million

A jury has awarded $12.3 million to the family of a girl who drowned in the indoor pool at the Waterbury’s Boys & Girls Club in 2008.

Case: Retemar Coombs, administrator of the estate of Brianna Murray v. Boys and Girls Club of Greater Waterbury
Attorneys: Kathleen Nastri, William Bloss
Law Firm: Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder

* * *

Finalist: Premises Liability

Customer Injured by Falling Pallet: $1.18 Million

A soccer player from Greece who moved to Connecticut and was injured when a 200-pound pallet fell on his head at a Restaurant Depot warehouse store settled his lawsuit for $1.18 million.

Case: Dimitrios Magriplis v. Restaurant Depot LLC
Attorney: Patrick Kennedy
Law Firm: RisCassi & Davis