I am retweeting (and hoping for the rare sequel that is as good as the original):

Washington, D.C., May 2012:

@CJJustAnUmpire: Commerce Clause! We don’t need no stinkin’ Commerce Clause!

@CJJustAnUmpire: ObamaCare case is so … taxing (best part of job – finally everyone laughs at my dumb jokes).

@AntoninVafanapoli: Hey @CJJustAnUmpire just re-read obscure passg in Fed Paps re: docs cld only practice medicine in own states!

@AntoninVafanapoli: @CJJustAnUmpire NOW it HAS to be obvious AHCA unconstitutional.

@IceCreamJurist: @AntoninVafanapoli JEEZ, buy a darn calendar already! 1791 docs also still used leeches.

@LongCThomas: __________________________.

@AntoninVafanapoli: Well said, @LongCThomas! @IceCreamJurist Duck-hunting this weekend?

The Holy Land, A Long Time Ago:

@TheRealMoses: Frog and locust stew — best combo EVER! Who knew?

@BurningBush: @TheRealMoses Moses.

@BurningBush: @TheRealMoses Moses.

@BurningBush: @TheRealMoses MOOOOSSSSSSSESSSSSS!!!!!! Stop screening — don’t make me come down there!

@TheRealMoses: @BurningBush Oh sorry about that bad service way out here roaming in desert.

@BurningBush: @TheRealMoses How many times do I have to say it. I AM ALL AND IN … oh, never mind.

@BurningBush: @TheRealMoses Don’t forget looming project completion date for Forty Commandments.

@TheRealMoses: Uggggh. Chiseling is so boring.

@TheRealMoses: Going to skip a few no swimming for hour after eating not really “commandment” material anyway.

@TheRealMoses: @BurningBush Cld you explain this “thou shalt not kill” one? Do you mean never, or only sometimes?

@BurningBush: FML. Turning water into wine easier than turning intent into law.

The White House, Mid-1936:

@FiresideFDR: Listen up, @SupremeCourt, its NEW Deal, not NO Deal. Stop law-blocking me!

@FiresideFDR: Country needs hand up, not Four Horsemen on its head!

@SupremeCourt: Just doing our job maybe @FiresideFDR should read a little document called THE CONSTITUTION.

@SupremeCourt: Two words @FiresideFDR: Lifetime. Tenure. WHAT!!

@FiresideFDR: @SupremeCourt totally unreasonable bunch of old fogeys. Maybe try fascism for a while so much easier to fix things.

@FirstLadyE: Waiting for @FiresideFDR to pack for trip to Hyde Park.

@FirstLadyE: @FiresideFDR For god’s sake, are you packed yet? We are two hours late.

@FiresideFDR: @FirstLadyE Fine, fine, I’ll go pac– hey, that gives me an idea.

@FiresideFDR: @SupremeCourt lots of empty office space in new digs, right?

@SupremeCourt: @FiresideFDR 301 U.S. 1 discretion > valor after all.

@FiresideFDR: @SupremeCourt Who’s yr daddy now? That’s how I roll!

Ivy-Ville, 1926:

@CrimsonLR: Citation guide coming along well yr ½ done yet @EliEliEli?

@EliEliEli: @CrimsonLR Getting there but can’t decide btw “see e.g.” and “see, e.g.”

@EliEliEli: @CrimsonLR Also why put extra space for So. 2d when none in S.E.2d?

@CrimsonLR: @EliEliEli Because.

@EliEliEli: @CrimsonLR Because? Cf. rational logic.

@CrimsonLR: @EliEliEli V. funny just do it we’re Harvard & Yale no one dare argue.

@EliEliEli: See Ivy League Rules?

@CrimsonLR: @EliEliEli Law students will lv us 4 this, right?•