I am writing this letter in support of the nomination of Justice Peter T. Zarella of the Connecticut Supreme Court to the position of chief justice. There is no good reason to delay his confirmation or to allow partisan politics to overtake the process.

Justice Zarella has appeared before the legislature more than five times over the past several years. He was approved three times by the Judiciary Committee for the positions of Superior Court judge, Appellate Court judge and justice of the Supreme Court. He was also approved twice by the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee as the chairman of the Criminal Justice Commission.

Justice Zarella has a stellar record as an attorney and as a judge. His intellect, judicial temperament and his work ethic make him highly qualified for the position of chief justice. Justice Zarella’s elevation to chief justice does not change the make up of the court and Gov. M. Jodi Rell should be allowed to exercise her constitutional authority to select the chief justice. For these reasons Justice Zarella should be confirmed.

Connecticut politics ought not get like Washington politics where the nominating process stops until after the election. The Judiciary Committee should not break from its tradition of prompt action on the governor’s nominee for chief justice. The Judiciary Committee should vote promptly in favor of his nomination and the legislature should take swift action on approving him – as has occurred in the past with other chief justice nominees.

State Rep. Robert Farr

R-19th District