The Connecticut Bar Association will launch a new series of speakers on legal topics ranging from ethics and malpractice to building a successful firm, starting on Nov. 26 with attorney Robert Cassot of Morrison Mahoney. The talks run November through January, as follows:

Monday, Nov. 26 Robert Cassot — Ethics and Malpractice Robert Cassot is a partner at Morrison Mahoney. Robert’s practice focuses on defending lawyers in ethics and malpractice cases. He will discuss trends in grievance and malpractice cases and steps attorneys can take to protect themselves before and during a claim.

Thursday, Dec. 6 Tyson Mutrux — The Keys to Small Firm Success Tyson Mutrux is the host of the Maximum Lawyer podcast, the leading solo and small firm podcast in the country. He will discuss common issues, themes, and problems that he has observed from interviewing over 110 of the nation’s top solo and small firm attorneys. When not hosting a podcast, Mutrux runs a successful personal injury practice in Columbia, Missouri.

Monday, Dec. 10 Billie Tarascio — How to Build a Successful Firm Billie Tarascio is the founder of Modern Law Firm, an Arizona-based family law firm. In 2018, Clio awarded Tarascio the Reisman Award for Legal Innovation. She has also founded Modern Law Practice, helping family law firms across the country. Her forthcoming book, “Tiger Tactics: Powerful Strategies for Winning Law Firms,” will be out in 2019. Tarascio will also speak at the 2019 CBA annual meeting.

Monday, Dec. 17 John Fisher — The Power of a System and Referral Marketing John Fisher is a New York medical malpractice attorney. He has spoken just about everywhere on his book, “Power of a System.” He will discuss how solos and small law firms can transform their practice by implementing systems. Fisher also runs the nation’s pre-eminent legal mastermind, The Mastermind Experience.

January Talks (Dates TBA) Julia Pistell — Improv for Law Firms Julia Pistell is the founder of Sea Tea Improv in Hartford. In addition to putting on comically entertaining shows, she has been hired by some of Connecticut’s largest companies to teach improv for business. Learn how creating a culture based on the principles of improv can improve your practice and your firm, and benefit your clients.

Jay Ruane — Niche Marketing Connecticut’s own Jay Ruane is a master of legal marketing. He is a frequently sought-after speaker across the country. Ruane has built his firm through niche marketing.