Yale Law School students walk to the Supreme Court to protest the potential confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Women—and men—from Yale Law School showed their support for a fair hearing of sexual assault claims against Kavanaugh.
Students walking from the Hart Senate Office Building.
Demonstrators outside the U.S. Supreme Court.
Dan Stein, Yale Law School student, class of 2021, outside the Supreme Court building



Yale Law School students convened in Washington D.C. this week to oppose the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, a Yale law alum, to the U.S. Supreme Court and to show support for victims of sexual assault and harassment. More than 100 students, protesting under the name Yale Law Students Demanding Better, urged lawmakers to allow a full investigation into the sexual assault allegations by Christine Blasey Ford. The students on Monday began the day in front of the Supreme Court then moved to U.S. Senate offices. Back at the law school, several hundred more students participated in a sit in to protest Kavanaugh’s nomination.