Six years after authoring their resourceful handbook, “The Handbook on Additional Insureds,” Wiggin and Dana partners Michael Menapace, Tim Diemand and Joe Grasso have released an updated follow-up in response to changes that have taken place in the field.

Noting that the state of additional insured coverage has changed dramatically and that there is a need for clear guidance, the authors say the new “Handbook on Additional Insureds” (ABA Book Publishing) is “steeped in the daily business and legal realities of insurance,” applying to everyone from construction contractors to event planners and from directors and officers to landlords and tenants, with increasing questions and complexities around the rights and obligations of an additional insured, as well as protection from liability claims.

The updated handbook aims to serve as a one-stop reference for additional insured issues under various U.S. jurisdictions, as well as Canada and the United Kingdom, with 16 chapters covering the most important elements in the coverage, including common provisions; hold-harmless and indemnification agreements; memorializing status; development of common endorsements; subrogation and anti-subrogation; and limits issues.

The book is available for purchase through the American Bar Association.