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Corporate Counsel offers a wide range of free downloadable resources such as whitepapers, case studies, and targeted analysis provided by industry leaders. Browse content below from our sponsors and partners to find solutions to your most pressing business needs.

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Resources From Appdetex

  • Digital Transformation and Brand Protection

    In an increasingly digital, mobile economy, it’s critical to align brand protection strategy with digital transformation initiatives. READ MORE ›

  • Brand Protection for Social Media

    Learn how to design an effective social media protection strategy that addresses the risks of unauthorized and/or rogue social media activity infringing upon your intellectual property. READ MORE ›

  • Defending Brands - How Legal and IT Security Collaborate to Reduce Brand Abuse

    Explore the challenges and opportunities that legal and IT security teams face as united brand defenders in the digital world, and how they can combine forces to work more effectively. READ MORE ›

  • Domain Enforcement in a Post-GDPR World

    GDPR has radically altered domain enforcement. Learn how to accommodate new privacy challenges while protecting your brand and enforcing your rights in the domain naming system. READ MORE ›

  • App Enforcement in Third Party App Stores

    Protect your brand, mobile app and some of your most valuable customers by using these actionable steps to enforce app infringement in third party stores. READ MORE ›

  • Infringing Apps and Your Brand: A Guide to Developing Your Enforcement Strategy

    Learn how to design a comprehensive app enforcement strategy to help your enterprise protect it’s IP, consumers, and mobile commerce revenue from infringing mobile apps. READ MORE ›