Tech and privacy lawyer David Sclar said he loves being an in-house lawyer. But he said that to be successful in that career path, he had to develop strategies that he did not learn in law school or even at a law firm.

Sclar’s day job is serving as health care compliance and privacy officer at WW, formerly Weight Watchers. Before that, he was vice president of business affairs and legal and chief privacy officer of Rally Health.

But he’s also an author. In February, he published “Workplace Strategies for Technology Lawyers,” which offers practical tips on how to excel as an in-house lawyer at a technology company. And in October he released “Five Reasons You May Not Want to Be an In-House Counsel: (And 10 Strategies for Succeeding in the Role Anyway).”

In his new book, he outlines strategies for being a successful in-house attorney but does so from the angle of whether the lawyer really wants to be an in-house counsel, what the trade-offs are, what’s easy, what’s better and what’s maybe worse.

Sclar met with Corporate Counsel to talk about the inspiration behind his latest book and to share strategies for success.