For many modern organizations, COVID-19’s sudden arrival drastically-accelerated the growing shift towards digital transformation and e-commerce, even as it brought on years’ worth of change in the way that companies do business, according to leading consulting firm McKinsey. With three-quarters of consumers having since changed their behaviors to prioritize high-tech interactions, and growing mountains of data now being shared online daily by legal ops, IT, and other departments, the future of cybersecurity (and business as a whole) clearly lies in secure identity management.

After all, not only does the ability to track countless variables such as network and app users’ location, individual preferences, and transaction history now allow organizations to deliver more personalized and compelling exchanges at every turn. New digital ID solutions – which help quickly identify and securely authenticate staffers and clients as they travel across an array of apps, networks, and cloud providers – also make it easier to safeguard audiences’ information and help them interact with greater confidence than ever.