In the video below, Carina Wessels, Executive: Governance, Legal and Compliance at Alexander Forbes, Annabelle Thomas, General Counsel at L’Oréal South Africa, Lindi Atieno Vundla, Senior Counsel: Sub-Saharan Africa at Uber, and Natasha Pramchand, General Counsel at Massmart discuss the future of the legal industry.

It is now almost 18 months since we all had to rapidly adapt to an entirely different world, lock-down, remote working, technology, increased regulatory change, vaccines…the list is endless. The term antifragility has recently been used more frequently in explaining the response by some businesses and teams to the shock and volatility caused by Covid-19.

Below, the speakers explore some of the changes and adaptations that made it easier for their in-house team to navigate through this uncertain period. They also discuss if they would define their team as antifragile and discuss the key to unlocking that response.

In addition to navigating through Covid and normal business challenges, the speakers touch on the turmoil recently experienced in South Africa. They outline how they tackle black swan events and share their additional learnings from responding to these unfortunate events.