While some industries have already returned to the office, other employers globally are considering hybrid work schedules as part of their return-to-office plans. In some cases, employees can opt into such a schedule at their own volition, while other employers require that employees must be present in the office on certain days or for a certain percentage of time. Here are some items employers in the United States should keep in mind as they continue to welcome more employees back into the workplace.

Masks—The CDC recently issued renewed guidance suggesting that even fully vaccinated employees resume wearing masks in the workplace. State and local governments have issued renewed directives as well. OSHA continues to recommend social distancing in the workplace, even with masks or facial coverings. Employers should be mindful of employee health conditions that may require an accommodation under the ADA if the employee cannot wear a mask or facial covering. Employers should continue to monitor changes in government and agency guidance and requirements in jurisdictions where they have employees.