Below, Amy Fliegelman Olli, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of VMware, discusses why leaders must be willing to put their role on the line to do the right thing. She speaks about the importance of self-awareness in leadership, and shares strategies leaders can adopt to inspire and engage a team. 

CCA: What advice would you offer to the next generation of leaders? Amy Fliegelman Olli: There are several lessons that have always been true for me. The first is to listen and learn. It is not always easy or fun to be a leader, you must make difficult decisions that impact people’s lives. Never forget that you rose to a leadership position with the help and support of others and remember to give back. And finally, be willing to put your role on the line to do the right thing particularly in challenging situations. If you are not willing to walk away when things aren’t right, you will never be the leader you strive to be.