So much for the status quo: Business leaders now live in an age of constant disruption, where uncertainty is the only certain and continuous change the new normal. Thanks to exponential advances in communications and technology (from machine learning to robotics and cloud computing), the next 10 years will only bring more change than the prior 10,000 as well. 

With agility suddenly a watchword for organizations of all sizes – especially those competing with fast-moving startups, whose innovative new solutions can often go from concept to execution in as little as 30 days – it bears reminding. To succeed in tomorrow’s commercial world, enterprises in every field are growingly encouraged adopt a zero-based mindset. Specifically, one which prizes speed and versatility, and wherein programs and processes are consistently reassessed to determine profitability and strategic relevance, with efforts and resources that don’t support business growth consistently reallocated to initiatives that do. Here’s how to create a culture of innovation inside your own enterprise – and put the power of ZBx to work for you.