The “new normal” has become a household phrase, not only because we are all stuck working from home, but because it seeks to identify the ways in which we work, interact, and conduct business in the middle of a global pandemic.  But what will the “next normal” look like?  What will be the impact of the legal and operational decisions that are made now, in the middle of this crisis?  What should we expect in the next normal?

The post-COVID-19 world for many companies, particularly in the short term, will necessarily focus on productivity and value.  Legal departments will be asked to do more with less − to find ways, via technology, forward-thinking and prioritization, to manage enterprise risk and legal needs more effectively and efficiently.  At the same time, the human and economic impacts of COVID-19 are creating novel legal work beyond the ordinary course.  The ability to anticipate the consequences of these issues, and to start thinking now about solutions, will be critically important to mitigating future risks and paving a way out of this economic deep freeze.