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Resources From Thomson Reuters

  • How to Train Your Employees to Protect Your Company Trademarks

    Trademarks are among your company's most valuable assets. Use this customizable PowerPoint deck to train executives and employees on best practices to properly protect your trademarks. READ MORE ›

  • How to Manage the Modern Global Law Department

    Is your law department ready to go global? This article provides evaluations and solutions for management to effectively prepare their team to handle the challenges of a global law department. READ MORE ›

  • AI Adoption and Ethical Considerations for In-House Counsel

    As legal departments start to embrace AI adoption, both opportunities and concerns arise. Learn about possible ethical dilemmas AI raises, potential costs of adoption and 5 things you should do next. READ MORE ›

  • Tips for Drafting Effective Indemnification Clauses

    Although commonly used, indemnification provisions can be complex. Download this sample clause from Practical Law infused with tips to ensure your indemnification clause effectively manages risk. READ MORE ›

  • What Can AI Do For Your Legal Department?

    The legal industry is on the cusp of a revolution led by the adoption of AI computers. Learn to boost productivity through many of these practical use cases for AI in your legal department. READ MORE ›

  • Customize Your Contract Management Process

    Download this template to track a company's contracts at their various stages, including executed or terminated contracts. The at-a-glance layout allows for quick organization and reference. READ MORE ›

  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence

    Examine the current state of artificial intelligence and explore the future AI roadmap in this second installment of the exclusive AI series by Thomson Reuters. READ MORE ›

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Employees

    Be proactive and avoid sexual harassment in the workplace by downloading this sample harassment policy and training presentation to properly prepare your employees. READ MORE ›

  • Artificial Intelligence and Legal Technology: To Boldly Go Where No Legal Department Has Gone Before!

    The legal industry has only begun to realize the potential and impact of AI on day-to-day practice. How will this technology impact the profession? READ MORE ›

  • Vacation Pay Stay State Laws

    Practical Law Chart: A complete 50-state survey compilation of vacation pay policies READ MORE ›

  • Elements of Confidentiality Agreements - Definitions of Confidential Information

    Only the smartest companies can both protect that information and leverage it for business opportunities. Do you have updated, current drafts of these important documents? READ MORE ›

  • Employee Termination Best Practices

    This resource addresses key issues for employers to consider when terminating an employee and best practices to minimize claims of wrongful discharge. READ MORE ›

  • Fiduciary Duties Overview

    Protect your company and its shareholders by educating directors with an overview of their fiduciary duties and the potential consequences, both personal and for the business. READ MORE ›

  • Complimentary Attorney Client Privilege Checklist

    Keep your communications privileged, and ensure that employees understand their role. READ MORE ›

  • Avoid Social Media Risks in 2017

    The use of social media by individuals in and outside of the workplace is widespread and continues to grow. Create a Social Media policy that protects your company. READ MORE ›

  • Executive Brief: Knowledge, know-how, and the ability to respond with confidence

    Knowledge, know-how, and the ability to respond with confidence. Learn the keys to position yourself as a trusted corporate advisor. READ MORE ›


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