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Resources From TransPerfect Legal Solutions

  • How to Streamline and Execute Cost-Effective Investigations Across Disparate Data Sources

    Download this brief for tools and techniques in accessing, searching and managing enterprise data while remaining efficient, defensible and compliant. READ MORE ›

    Today’s fast-moving and competitive B2B and B2C environments are driving organizations to engage in a variety of digital transformation processes which often contributes to the proliferation of data sources. Present-day employees discuss projects on one platform, collaborate through another and manage client relationships through yet another. This panoply of data sources is a boon to operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and client engagement but also a nightmare for legal, data privacy and compliance professionals.

    Download this brief for strategies on streamlining and cost-effective investigations across disparate data sources; including:

    • Modern IT infrastructure and challenges
    • Issues with investigations across disparate data sources
    • Strategies to acquire, normalize and present ESI from modern data sources

  • Beyond Basic TAR: 3 Ways to Maximize Review Efficiency by Utilizing Technology

    Discover three techniques, with associated case studies, that you can use to enhance standard Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) workflows to achieve significant efficiencies. READ MORE ›

    TAR comes in many flavors and can help significantly decrease the amount of manual review required for a legal matter. But not all TAR tools are created equal. 

    Download this white paper and explore how you can start making enhancements today, including: 

    • Techniques to increase richness and decrease the size of your TAR control set
    • Tools that uncover better insight to help you make bulk decisions
    • Using TAR to QC coding consistency for faster and more accurate results
    • Switching TAR horses mid-stream to maximize conceptual analytics efficiency