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Resources From Text IQ, Inc.

  • AI Solves the Challenge of Merger Review: Fines and Missed Deadlines Avoided With Tech Upgrade

    Using AI for review is a no-brainer: it reduces risk, time and cost. Download this case study to learn how AI solved the challenge of merger review for an Am Law 10 firm. READ MORE ›

    With human reviewers comes the possibility of time-consuming false positives, unintentional disclosures and in the worst case, sensitive information being leaked to competitors or the media. AI technology reduces risk by improving the accuracy and consistency of the review process and by limiting the number of people to whom each document is exposed. 

    This case study details how AI solved the challenge of merger review for an AMLaw 10 Firm. Download it now and learn:

    • Challenges and trends in merger review
    • Limitations of predictive coding 
    • How AI reduces risk, time and cost of merger review

  • The 10 Biggest Challenges of Privilege Review

    Privilege review is a complex and nuanced process. And, up until recently, has been difficult to automate. Discover why. READ MORE ›

    Privilege review is one the most expensive, time-consuming, and risk-laden parts of litigation. But what makes it so time-intensive and risky? And why has it historically been so hard to address with technology?

    Download this guide to uncover the 10 biggest pain points of privilege review, such as:  

    • Why low-risk tolerance means predictive coding is not appropriate
    • The pitfalls of incomplete lists of legal professionals
    • How different laws govern privilege across jurisdictions 
    • The challenges of company specific language 
    • And more...

  • The General Counsel's Guide to AI

    Your AI strategy can be easy! This quick guide spells out what GCs need to know about AI from a practical level. READ MORE ›

    AI allows you to effortlessly create value. This guide will teach you what AI is and how it increases efficiency, reduces risk, cuts costs and frees your team to focus on what matters.

    Download the guide now and see how AI will improve: 

    • Contract Review
    • Litigation
    • Data Privacy
    • Compliance
    • Intellectual Property
    • Internal Investigations