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Resources From Speech Processing Solutions USA Inc.

  • Voice Technology: A Powerhouse for a New Era in Legal Business

    Voice technology is transforming legal business processes and client service. This white paper explores not only the benefits of new innovations in voice technologies, but also the ways it is evolving to continuously meet the needs of legal professionals. READ MORE ›

    The momentum of voice technology is undeniable — a Statista report estimates the global market will grow from $10.7 billion to $27.16 billion by 2025. For legal professionals, the right voice technologies can make an immediate and measurable impact on their daily routine. The nature of legal work, which is heavily focused on communication, internal and external collaboration, and documentation, aligns with the value-add advanced voice technologies can deliver. 

    Download this whitepaper to learn how voice technology can help you drive efficiency and growth by:

    • Removing obstacles to optimize productivity
    • Creating easier workflows and collaboration
    • Improving on user experiences
    • Better serving clients — and winning new ones

  • Communication Barriers: A Lawyer's Worst Nightmare

    In the field of law, excellent communication is core to business. Yet many legal professionals face barriers that limit efficiency and hinder client satisfaction. This tip sheet reveals how voice technology can help you overcome 5 common communication challenges. READ MORE ›

    In the field of law, excellent communication is simply a must, as the very nature of legal work depends on consultation and idea sharing. But as foundational and vital as it is, effective communication can also be elusive for many professionals, which can lead to issues such as operational impediments and client dissatisfaction. This is why technology--specifically advancements in voice and speech recognition--have proven to be a valuable asset for today’s legal professional. 

    As legal teams and firms now have team members collaborating virtually from the office, in the field, at home, or on the go, many are turning to voice solutions to help keep everyone across the workstream connected, informed and productive. Download this tip sheet to learn how voice technology helps your team overcome:

    • Duplication of efforts or confusion in workflow
    • Being tethered to a computer
    • Lags in client response times
    • Security issues when crossing digital channels
    • Wasted time proofing and correcting errors