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  • Satisfy Record-Keeping, Supervision and E-Discovery Requirements in the Digital Workplace

    Are you struggling to keep up with and capture your company’s communications? Download this solution brief and learn how to satisfy record-keeping, supervision and e-discovery requirements in the digital workplace. READ MORE ›

    Employee collaboration, client communications, and promotion and advertisement all flow through digital channels. This includes messaging platforms, cloud-based file sharing, social media and more. It’s critical that you capture, manage, supervise and retain this content according to regulations in order to avoid fines and maintain compliance. 

    You also need the ability to search retained content during litigation and audits. If your organization is like many others, limited resources make it difficult to identify, supervise, retain and search all your digital content. 

    Download this solution brief and learn how you can:

    • Keep up with digital communication channels
    • Capture communications from email and beyond
    • Retain communications in a secure and organized archive
    • Supervise strategically with the help of technology

  • Compliance in the Age of Digital Collaboration

    As more people work remotely, organizations are struggling to keep up with the compliance challenges that come along with it. This ebook lays out a roadmap for solving today’s thorniest compliance challenges. READ MORE ›

    Whether your employees cluster on premises or interact virtually as part of a distributed team, your people rely on a growing number of digital channels. As more and more people are working remotely permanently, organizations are struggling to keep up. The sheer volume of content and ever-changing regulations are creating new challenges for compliance and record keeping.

    Download this ebook to explore the challenges of capturing and managing a growing volume and diversity of business communications, and get a roadmap for solving today’s thorniest compliance challenges; including:

    • Why capturing, managing and supervising business communications is getting harder 
    • What to consider when creating a modern archiving and compliance plan 
    • How to ensure employees' outward-facing social media content is compliant 
    • Why search performance is more critical than ever 
    • Key questions for considering a content capture and archiving solution