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Resources From Lyra Health

  • Returning to the Workplace with Mental Health in Mind

    An employer’s guide to managing workplace mental health post-pandemic. Discover how you can set the stage for employees to return to work with ease and comfort. READ MORE ›

    The mental health effects of COVID-19 are significant, and they won’t disappear upon returning to the workplace. As a result, businesses must prioritize workforce mental health as they prepare for their employees’ return. Easily accessible resources and regular communication can make all the difference for workers in distress.

    Download this guide to understand your workers’ needs during this transition, how to create an effective return-to-work plan, and position your business to thrive with a healthier, more resilient team. Plus, you’ll learn how to:

    • Approach return-to-work discussions with a positive tone
    • Provide benefits that support mental health and wellness 
    • Offer support for emotional distress at work as COVID-19 restrictions lift
    • Simplify complex decisions in the face of uncertainty 
    • Help employees move forward with additional resources

  • Beyond Stress: What Severe Mental Health Challenges Mean for the Workforce, and How Employers Can Help

    Lawyers’ mental health situation was a significant concern before COVID, and now it represents an epidemic of its own. It’s more crucial than ever for employers to offer resources that can help. Download this ebook to understand how you can help your legal team. READ MORE ›

    The legal industry’s mental health situation was already a growing concern long before COVID. And because of the pandemic, it’s now an epidemic of its own. Increasing job demands, provider scarcity, and the rising cost of healthcare are major contributors. It’s more crucial than ever for employers to offer resources that can help tailored specifically for legal professionals. 

    Download this ebook to understand the current state of legal professional’s mental health, the causes, and resolutions you can implement to help your team increase productivity and thrive;  including: 

    • The 5% of workers managing serious mental illness
    • Roadblocks to the right care 
    • Consequences of not receiving needed care for individuals and businesses  
    • What effective care means for serious mental illnesses
    • How to ensure employees have the support they need to thrive