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Resources From LEAP Legal Software

  • The Paperless Law Firm: 5 Practical Tips to Make the Modern Office a Reality

    Antiquated law office management systems, like printing every email sent or received, create a plethora of problems for your firm. But with the right know-how and technology in place, discover why going paperless is within your reach and will reduce your costs. READ MORE ›

    Investing in technology is the future for law firms. To stay competitive and grow your firm, you must adopt a management system that seamlessly integrates all your case documents in a place that you can access anywhere. 

    Download this white paper to learn five practical tips to transition your firm to a paperless future. This paper addresses how to handle:

    • Incoming documents
    • Outgoing documents
    • Letters, forms, document templates and complex documents
    • Invoices, bills and reports
    • Time records and contemporaneous notes 

  • Practice Management in the Cloud -- Cloud Computing, Its Benefits and Pitfalls

    Download this paper and learn the benefits of cloud computing, potential pitfalls and how to avoid them to help make your firm more efficient and control costs. READ MORE ›

    As a small law firm, the fear of realizing your old server just died can be daunting. As quotes for a new server come in, you worry that this unexpected cost you hadn’t planned for will hit your budget. How can you solve all your server problems, keep costs down and keep working? 

    The cloud is the premier choice for data storage, and it may be time to take a closer look at the benefits it brings. Upgrading to a cloud management software now will eliminate the major risk that comes with a local server: loss of valuable data and the cost of broken servers. 

    Download this white paper and learn: 

    • What the cloud is and how it’s used
    • How it lowers infrastructure costs
    • Accessibility benefits it provides your firm
    • How it enables a mobile workforce
    • Why backups and recovery will be a worry of the past

  • The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Small Law Firms In 2021

    Being aware of current issues that can potentially slow down business or minimize growth is a critical part of your firm’s success. Here’s what modern law firms should look out for and tips to meet each challenge. READ MORE ›

    Small to midsize law firms often face the same demands as their big-firm counterparts, but with much fewer resources. More than ever, it’s important for lawyers to understand the unique issues affecting the industry right now and become versatile and resourceful. 

    Download this guide to learn the top 5 challenges facing small firms and tips to overcome them, such as:

    • Not getting paid for hours worked
    • Increased competition 
    • Talent/skills shortage
    • And more!

  • No More Servers - How to Simplify Your IT, Reduce Overhead, and Make More Money

    Cloud solutions simplify previously complex technology issues. Discover how this translates directly into cost and time savings, flexibility, and increased productivity for your firm. READ MORE ›

    Technology has had a significant impact on how we work, where we work, and what time we work. We want flexibility and choice, and mobility has become essential. Until now, the solution has been remote access to your server using the internet. This can be slow, drain server performance, and is costly to maintain. 

    Technological advances have enabled a shift from remote access to local area networks to what are now referred to as ‘cloud’ solutions. Download this white paper to learn how the cloud results in much better solutions and thus firm processes. Topics covered:

    • What does ‘Cloud’ mean and how does it work?
    • 7 advantages of using the cloud
    • Why you’ll no longer need servers for your DMS
    • Benefits of continually up-to-date legal forms & simple software updates