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Diversity among more than 200 of the largest law firms in the country remained nearly flat between 2015 and 2016, our annual report on law firm diversity shows. A number of general counsel, fed up with that stagnation, have implemented programs aimed at pushing law firms to real action.


Overview: Meet the GCs Who May Finally Move the Needle on Diversity
General counsel are done with dangling carrots when it comes to improving outside counsel’s diversity efforts. They’ve moved to the stick, with some GCs withholding fees from firms that don’t meet their diversity requirements. Programs like this, coming from some of the country’s largest companies, are not always met with positivity.


A Timeline of GC Diversity Efforts
Programs to improve law firm diversity have been going on in earnest since 1999.


Law Firms & Diversity: A Behind the Scenes Look
In this podcast, reporter Meghan Tribe discusses her findings in reviewing our law firm diversity data as well as the industry’s reaction to more aggressive steps by general counsel to improve firm diversity.



» Diversity Scorecard: The Rankings
For the fourth year in a row, White & Case has topped our our annual Diversity Scorecard, which ranks Am Law 200 and National Law Journal 250 firms according to the percentage of minority attorneys—Asian-American, African-American, Latino or Hispanic, Native American and self-described multiracial lawyers—in the firm as a whole and in the partnership.
» Law Firm Minority Demographics, Firm by Firm
The chart below shows the percentages of African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic and multiracial attorneys at top firms.
» Firms Ranked by Minority Partners
The chart below shows proportion of minority lawyers in the partnerships of large U.S. firms.
» Firms Ranked by Minority Equity Partners
The chart shows proportion of minority lawyers in the equity partnerships of large U.S. firms.
The Methodology
How we rank firms on diversity.