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What a year. We started thinking that we would make history with the first female president—and we ended it with one that makes the “Mad Men” era look progressive.

In any case, here are some of the Careerist’s most popular and most provocative posts for the past year, including those that look at the confusing, infuriating state of gender relations. Read them and weep:

Most talked-about post: 10 Male Behaviors That Annoy Female Lawyers.

Saddest post to write: Why Hillary’s Loss Feels So Personal.

On a lighter, frivolous note: Barbie 2.0 Must Die!

Post revealing the generational clash: What a Man! He’s Taking Paternity Leave!

Topic that make us uncomfortable: Are Women’s Awards Insulting?

Topic that we’d rather not admit: Why Do Women Leave Big Law? Because They Can.

Topic that got some moms mad: Too Much Mommy Time?

Most counter-intuitive heroine: Phyllis Schlafly Was a Feminist.

Most teachable moment: I Was Juror No. 4.

Most surreal experience: My Evening (Almost) With Barack Obama.

Most soap operatic moments: Dershovitz v. Boies (and how I got caught in the middle): What’s Everyone Hiding in the Dershowitz Case?; Did Dershowitz Shell Out Big Bucks in Sex Case?; and more.

Most talked about letter to the editor: About Dershowitz, About Begley, About Anti-Semitism.

Here’s to a happier new year!