These American Lawyer articles from 2016 generated the most interest from our readers. Together, they capture highlights and lowlights from a year in the life of Big Law:

1. The 2016 Am Law 100: Growth Slows for Big Law

The nation’s top-grossing firms saw only mediocre gains across key financial metrics last year, marking the slowest growth since the Great Recession. The numbers reflected a leveling off of demand for legal services and global uncertainty in core markets, among other challenges.

2. The 2016 Am Law Second Hundred: Taking a Dive

The Am Law Second Hundred, firms 101-200 on our list of the nation’s highest-grossing firms, underperformed their larger counterparts. Gross revenue decreased for these firms, in contrast to slight gains for The Am Law 100. Revenue per lawyer and profits per partner remained roughly flat, on average, for this group.

3. ‘Jena Six’ Member Heads to Law School

This story revisits a young Louisiana man who as a teenager was one of several youths charged with attempted murder for beating up a classmate. Today, a year and a half after the story was written, it continues to be a sensation on social media.

4. Big Law Gets Smaller

Rent for prime commercial real estate continues to rise across the U.S., even as law firms cope with pressure from their clients to keep fees low. To reduce sky-high rents and attract millennials, firms are both shrinking their space—by an average of more than 20 percent per attorney—and gambling on ambitious, future-oriented designs. See how firms are faring.

5. Reed Smith Layoffs: A Sign of Things to Come?

This article, written last January, raised the qauestion of whether other firms, too, would hit the reset button.

6. King & Wood Mallesons: An Autopsy

Three years ago, the verein was hailed as a global pioneer. What went wrong?

7. For the World’s Top-Grossing Firms, Slow and Steady Growth

The Global 100 saw revenue and profits per partner rise, our exclusive survey shows. Still, challenges abound.

8. Millennial Contract Lawyers: The Screwed Generation?

Many young contract lawyers, facing high law school debt and low pay, are getting nowhere fast.

9. Big Firms Move to Match Cravath Associate Pay Boost

The news that starting pay for associates at elite firms is now $180,000 from $160,000 was the talk of the town.

10. The 2016 A-List

The most well rounded firms, including a new No. 1.