(Credit: Edelson via YouTube)

Chicago-based class-action lawyer Jay Edelson has been called one of the most hated men in Silicon Valley. His eponymous firm has taken to court the likes of Google Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Facebook.

Now he’s taking on tech giants in a new arena: Rapping.

The Edelson firm, known for a startup culture that encourages casual attire and games of pingpong, employed a troop of singers to perform a rap song written by Edelson lawyers to the tune of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Alexander Hamilton.”

The song, performed at a holiday party Thursday, calls out Google, ComScore Inc., Amazon and Zynga Inc., saying the Edelson firm is “giving the entire tech establishment the finger.” It ends by declaring, “We need a new law firm to make it rain. What’s it called now? Mother f—ing Edelson.”