Illustration by Michael Witte
Illustration by Michael Witte ()

Retiring Boomers Pose Big Challenges for Firms
Poor succession planning can lead to the loss of substantial client relationships, among other problems, experts say.

Pensions Pose an Increasing Threat for Some Firms
Payouts of retirement obligations are on the rise. Some firms are moving to limit liability.

Eight Ways to Win at Succession Planning
Eight tips from law firm leaders on how to hand over the reins to the next generation.

Brexit: In Britain, Many Lawyers Retire By Age 55
The lack of opportunities for older partners at U.K. firms has helped American firms establish themselves there, experts say.

Top 10 Money Mistakes Boomer Lawyers Make
Big-firm lawyers may be smart and successful, but they make retirement planning mistakes just like everyone else, say financial planners and wealth managers who work with them.

Column: Exit Strategies
For baby boomers and their firms, there’s no more important topic than retirement planning.

Op-Ed: To Bridge Justice Gap, Tap Retiring Big Firm Lawyers

Pro Bono opportunities abound for baby boomers who dread retirement because they still loving practicing law.