(Photo by Pierre Teyssot/Getty)

Dear Mrs. Clooney:

First of all, mazel tov!

On behalf of all the lawyers in the world, we want you to know that you’ve done us proud. It’s not every day that one of our own marries a movie star, especially one as delicious and debonair as George. Not only have you broken the curse of lawyers marrying other lawyers, but you’ve more than held your own among those Hollywood types. (Seriously, we thought you looked stunning at your wedding festivities in Venice. Loved those white pants with the crop top by Stella McCartney. Cindy Crawford could barely hold a candle to you.)

We also want you to know that we think George is the one who got the catch of the day. Despite all those stories about how George finally found his intellectual equal, we know who really has the brains. For starters, you’re the one with the impressive resume: law degree from Oxford University and LL.M. from NYU Law School. And George? Did he even graduate from the University of Cincinnati or whatever ho-hum college he hung out at?

Plus, you once worked as an associate at Sullivan & Cromwell, a creme de la creme Wall Street firm! As fetching as George looks in his fancy Italian suits, we’re not sure he could even get a job as an assistant to the T&E paralegal there.

But what we really want to say to you, Amal, is that we hope you stick it out in law. We know that George is awfully rich and famous and you’ll never have to worry about where your next pair of Jimmy Choos will come from, but we hope you won’t bail out of the workforce.

From what we’ve read, you sound like a serious person: Besides being a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, you’ve held several U.N. commissions, including being adviser to Kofi Annan on Syria. You seem to be quite good at what you do, and you seem to genuinely love it. We should all be so lucky.

We think you owe it to the women on the ground to keep up your work as a lawyer. So please don’t become one of those unfortunate statistics: Another highly educated, accomplished woman who chucks her career the minute she marries a fabulously rich man. Sure, legal work can be hard and tedious, but is the alternative that appealing: cavorting with celebrities and redecorating George’s numerous homes around the world?

Okay, maybe it is.

Still, we hope to appeal to your sense of responsibility as a role model. Show the world that you can sweep the sexiest man alive off his feet, stay true to yourself and keep your day job. Too much to ask?


The Careerist