It’s almost late August and you’re tired of the serious stuff. I bet you’ve got a stash of People magazine to take to the beach. So let’s just get to some gossip and shallow news:

1. Over 30? Maybe you shouldn’t apply for a job at Allen & Overy. We all know businesses generally prefer the young and nubile to the old and flaccid. We thought, however, that a big-name Magic Circle firm would be more subtle.

Not so. Allen & Overy just advertised on its own website (!) a marketing position for its Luxembourg office, seeking “a full-time young marketer.”

An A&O spokesman explains to RollOnFriday that the discrimination was totally accidental:

The role is for a junior marketer of one or two years experience and as we all know, etymologically, junior comes from the Latin iunior, comparative of iuvenis “young”, so one can easily see how the mistake could have been made, given Luxembourg’s historic links to Rome.

Well, at least that was quite a literary explanation.

2. Cadwalader “Playboy” partner is selling his townhouse. You remember Ira Schacter, right? He’s the Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft partner who’s been embroiled in a nasty divorce fight. He’s the 50-something partner who bought a $215,000 engagement ring for his 26-year old former Playboy model girlfriend, while allegedly denying his deaf teenage daughter a new hearing aid. That sent his estranged wife into a tizzy, making an already bitter divorce even more acrimonious.

Juicy stuff, but alas, it’s all coming to an end. NewYork Daily News reports that the Schacters are selling their Upper East Side townhouse for $6.65 million. That’s a nice, tidy asking price, considering that they purchased it for just $800,000 in 1995.

The real estate market in New York is so hot that they should have no trouble selling it. Nonetheless, Schachter did his bit to market the townhouse. Just listen to the way he describes the house to the Daily News:

It’s a beautiful home. I wish only happiness to whoever purchases it. My kids used to swim in the fountain in the garden when they were little. When you’re out there, it’s like you’re sitting in the south of France.

It’s a pretty blissful description, considering all the well-publicized knock-out fights the Schacters had at that house. What a romantic.

3. Don’t ask young clients to play golf. Confession: I don’t get golf. So I take it as a sign of progress that millennials share my prejudice.
The Wall Street Journal reports that golf playing fell for the fifth year, particularly among those between 18 to 34. Golf participation “fell roughly 13% in 2013 from 2009, while their rates for other active sports like running rose 29%.”

Why are the young disdainful of golf? “As a sport it doesn’t reflect the kind of values millennials like—diversity, inclusion,” Matt Powell, a SportsOneSource analyst, tells the Journal.

4. But what kind of husband will you get with those shoes? For whatever it’s worth, Nine West has launched a shoe collection for women on the prowl for husbands. “Leopard-print pumps, platform booties, peep toe sandals — these are the shoes Nine West promises will snag you a husband,” reports The Washington Post.

Some women find the ad campaign offensive, says the Post, because it plays on female stereotypes.

Personally, I’m not offended. I just wonder what kind of husband you’ll get with a pair Nine West shoes. I mean, would a woman snag a different caliber of husband wearing a Ferragamo, Manolo or Gucci? Just asking.