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Time for another scintillating roundup of law school news:
1. Should we all chip in for Sarah Palin to go to law school? Alaska is home to breathtaking scenery, abundant natural resources and, of course, our favorite moose huntress. But, sadly, it has no law school. That’s about to be remedied. Seattle University School of Law is partnering with Alaska Pacific University, setting up a 3L program in Anchorage.
And Seattle U. is not the only school hot on Alaska. Oregon’s Willamette University College of Law and the University of Alaska also have a joint program in which students can earn both an undergraduate and law degree in six years. ( The National Law Journal)
Question: What are they studying in Alaska? Oil spill litigation tactics? Eskimo legal history? Salmon fishing laws?
2. Yippee! UC Irvine Law School gets accredited! It’s on the fast track. Opened only
five years ago, it’s now fully accredited. The next goal, says UC Irvine Law School dean Erwin Chemerinsky, is to get the school ranked in the top 20 by U.S. News & World Report. Yes, UC Irvine is the young turk of law schools. ( NLJ)

3. University of Virginia Law School makes a big boo-boo. So many reasons to go to UVa Law: It’s nestled in bucolic surroundings.It’s also top-ranked academically yet listed among the hottest party law schools in the nation.
But UVa Law isn’t perfect: The school’s judicial clerkship director accidentally revealed the grades and class rank of 155 students in an email to all the clerk candidates. That’s most unfortunate since the school officially doesn’t disclose class rank, and now everyone will know who’s really smart and who’s just faking it. So sorry. ( Above the Law)
4. The judges are raking it in. Who says you have to sacrifice nice big paychecks when you enter the holy order of judgeship? Certainly not if you’re a fancy federal judge who’s on the lecture/teaching circuit. “Law schools paid federal appeals judges anywhere from several thousand dollars for a lecture to nearly $278,000 for full-semester teaching in 2012,” says the NLJ.
Who got how much exactly? Well, NYU Law School paid Senior Judge Douglas Ginsburg of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit $277,906 for teaching one class! It also paid $190,528 to D.C. Circuit Senior Judge Harry Edwards for similar duty. ( The National Law Journal)

No wonder law school tuition is sky high.

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