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Isn’t it about time for some good news on the gender front? My last three posts on the subject have been real downers (click here, here, here—if you need a reason to get a strong drink).

Alas, there are signs that we’re not totally bound by tradition:

What every female lawyer needs: hunks on call. Who says you can’t parlay your fancy Big Law experience into a fun, fulfilling career? Certainly not Sara Shikhman, a former Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft associate who’s launched Rent A Gent.

This is how the service works, according to ABC News:

Starting at $200 an hour, users can pick from a list of handsome, intelligent men listed on the service’s website to be their companion and either book online or call to reserve a “gent.” The men can serve as a date to an event, cook meals or even repair a sink.

But before you start letting your imagination run wild, the service prohibits hanky-panky, meaning no sex on the job. (We’ve emailed Shikhman to get more details, but haven’t heard back.)

Though female clients of Rent A Gent won’t enjoy the full benefits that men typically get from an escort business, there are still plenty of reasons why a woman might want this service. Above the Law’s Staci Zaretsky has a theory why female lawyers might find this appealing:

Ladies, you’re very busy. Billable hours come first, and you have no social life to speak of. If only there were a service that would allow you to rent some male companionship for less than your hourly rate.

To that I’d add that renting one of these gents might help your career. Think of how your image (and status) could be enhanced if you showed up with a charming hunk at the firm’s summer outing, annual dinner or cocktail party!

And isn’t it nice that Rent A Gent so carefully prescreens the date for you? Apparently, getting picked as one of the gents isn’t easy—arguably even harder than getting a Big Law job. Candidates have to appear before a female screening committee, meet educational standards and have a talent. Reports ABC News:

“The process is very rigorous, because men think they can do it all, and all kinds of men show up,” Shikhman said. “They say to us, ‘Yeah, I’m qualified to be a gent, even though I’m 5-foot-4, bald and I’m 65 years old.”

Guess that eliminates at least 50 percent of the partners in Big Law.

Mannies are the latest must-have. What else does the successful career woman need besides a luscious piece of arm candy to take along to business and social events? How about a male nanny for your kids? The trend is catching on according to Crain’s New York:

New York is at the forefront of this trend. Parents are more progressive here, experts say, and there is a large pool of male actors and freelance workers who are looking for ways to supplement their income. UrbanSitter executives said 5.7% of their available sitters nationwide are male, but in New York the number jumps to 8%.

Like the male escort service for women, male nannies also go through a rigorous screening process. John Brandon, a former opera singer who founded NYC Mannies, tells Crains that his agency only pick about 10 percent of applicants. What’s more, the mannies have at least a college degree, and sometimes a master’s.

Hey, who says there’s there isn’t gender equality? You just need to pony up the cash and pay for it.

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