1998: DataTreasury Corporation (DTC) is founded in Melville, N.Y.

1999: DTC is granted its first patent on check imaging technology.

2002: Keith Delucia becomes chief executive officer of DTC. Michael Trimarco becomes chief operating officer.

2003: Trimarco leaves DTC. (Trimarco says he quit; Delucia says he was fired.) Trimarco sues over his compensation, at one point claiming $100 million in damages.

2006: DTC moves its headquarters to Texas, where it is pursuing patent infringement cases against banks.

2008: Several banks agree to pay money to license DTC’s patents.

2009: Trimarco hires attorney Robert Del Col. Months later, Del Col threatens more litigation against DTC on behalf of a unrelated plaintiff, Ted Doukas, a purported early investor in DTC’s patents.

2010: After a sting operation, the Nassau Country District Attorney’s Office indicts Del Col and his client Doukas for allegedly trying to extort DTC. A judge dismisses the indictment on the grounds that prosecutors improperly allowed an attorney in private practice to present to the grand jury.

2011: In a civil complaint seeking $370 million in damages, Del Col alleges his indictment was the result of a “pay-to-prosecute” scheme in which DTC bribed Nassau Country District Attorney Kathleen Rice through campaign contributions. (A spokesman for Rice denied the allegations at the time, and her office declined to provide further comment.)

2013: Del Col’s clients Trimarco and Doukas both lose their suits against DTC at the trial court level.