Richard Friedman: Partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge, counsel for DTC.

Scott Mollen: Partner at 
Herrick, Feinstein, counsel for DTC.

Kathleen Rice: District attorney for Nassau County, N.Y. Her office conducted a sting operation targeting Doukas and Del Col, but their subsequent extortion indictment was thrown out on appeal. (A spokesman for Rice denied the allegations at the time, and her office declined to provide further comment.)

Claudio Ballard: A software engineer who founded DTC in 1998. He holds patents on technology that allows banks to store digital copies of personal checks.

Robert Del Col: Solo practitioner in Smithtown, N.Y., who has brought two major suits against DTC.

Keith Delucia: DTC’s CEO. He brought 
Michael Trimarco to the firm.

Michael Trimarco: A former DTC employee, Del Col represents him in a breach of contract suit against the company.

Ted Doukas: A real estate developer on Long Island. Del Col represents him in a suit alleging he is part owner of Ballard’s patents.