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It’s Valentine’s day, so we’re going to add a little (more) sex to our news roundup.

1. What men and women really want for Valentine’s Day. Let’s just cut to the chase on this one: “Two-thirds of men and 30 percent of women say they’d rather have sex than get a gift for the holiday,” reports Time about a recent Valentine’s Day survey. Moreover, about twice as many men (43 percent) than women say they don’t want a Valentine’s Day gift at all.

Here’s my interpretation: If you’re a guy who’s counting on scoring some action this V-day, don’t come home empty-handed. I know that sounds awful—materialistic and all that—but, hey, whatever works.

2. Vroom. Maybe it’s a middle age crisis thing, but I’ve developed a thing for jazzy sports cars. And one I’ve been lusting for is the Porsche Carrera. I thought it was just an innocent desire, but now it turns out it’s threatening to men.

According to the Harvard Business Review blog, male Porsche owners “have had a hard time sharing their brand with women, lamenting the erosion of tradition and expressing feelings of betrayal.” Traditionally, more than 90 percent of Porsche’s customers were men. Now, however, it’s down to 85 percent.

Poor things.

3. Well, look who’s back?! Who would know more about the perils of being caught on camera than former representative Anthony Weiner? So I guess it’s only fitting that Weiner would have some advice for New York representative Michael Grimm, whose threat to throw a NY-1 reporter off the Senate’s balcony was caught on camera. (The reporter was pestering Grimm about corruption allegations.)

In a New York Daily New op-ed (I guess he’s slowly trying to get back on the public radar), Weiner offers these words of wisdom to Grimm:

A congressman should not threaten to break, throw, ask to step outside or otherwise get physical with a reporter.

In other words, hands off the press! As an occasionally beleaguered member of that group, I appreciate that advice.
So show me the love! Happy Valentine’s Day!