The legal sector gained 2,000 jobs in January, according to preliminary data released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the additions, the industry now employs 1.135 million people—7,000 more than it did at the same time last year but substantially fewer than the 1.18 million it employed at its prerecession peak.

January’s uptick on the employment front follows a three-month run that, according to revised, seasonally adjusted hiring figures included in Friday’s report, saw the legal sector add 300 jobs in October, lose 1,500 jobs in November and shed 400 more positions in December.

The latest jobs report brought generally disappointing news for the broader U.S. economy, The New York Times reports. All told, the nation’s workforce grew by 113,000 jobs in January, which fell short of many economists’ expectations. The unemployment rate remained essentially unchanged at 6.6 percent.