I’ve been doing double duty lately—writing for the Careerist and reporting on upcoming features for The American Lawyer (remember print?). Since I’m up to my eyeballs in work, I was going to skip writing a post today. But then this landed on my lap—and it’s just too delicious to ignore:

Paul Weiss men are hot, hot!! They just made the top 10 “sexiest” list in New York! What’s more, they had serious competition. I mean, they weren’t just in some lame beauty contest, competing against other lawyers.

According to New York Post, dating app Hinge “reviewed 18,000 profiles to determine which users most often get ‘favorited’—or named hot by other users—to rank companies according to ‘most desirable’ employees.”

So without further ado, here’s where you should hang out to find the sexiest men alive in New York:

1) Facebook
2) Brown Brothers Harriman
3) MTV Networks
4) JPMorgan Chase
5) Digitas
7) Paul Weiss
8) Apple Inc
9) Lenox Hill Hospital
10) McKinsey and Company

Interestingly, one of Paul Weiss’s major clients (JPMorgan Chase) also made the top 10 men list. Luckily for the firm, JP Morgan was ranked a bit higher on the sexiness scale (it’s an unwritten rule in client relations that lawyers should never eclipse the client—especially when it comes to sex appeal).

Unfortunately, the ladies at Paul Weiss didn’t make the grade for the sexiest women in New York. But don’t feel bad, girls, because that was an impossibly tough list to crack—dominated by super-glam fashion companies like Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Saks, Ralph Lauren, etc. (Somehow, though, Bloomberg’s women made the list. WTF?!?)

So what does Paul Weiss have to say about this awesome honor? I decided to go straight to the top: Brad Karp (above), the chair of the firm. His response: “It feels unexpected and unscientific.”

Maybe so. But I’m quite impressed. I must visit the firm more often.

Hat Tip: Dealbreaker.

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