I was inclined to skip this one. But since I blogged yesterday about whether men really care about work/life balance, I have no choice but to weigh in about the female associate at Clifford Chance who abruptly quit her job.

It’s the classic “women can’t have it all” story—Big Law–style. The anonymous associate’s memo, which Above the Law got its hands on (Clifford’s communications director Micael Kachel verified the accuracy of the email but told us, “it was a good-bye letter intended with some humor”), recounts a typical day in her working life:

4:00am: Hear baby screaming, hope I am dreaming, realize I’m not, sleepwalk to nursery, give her a pacifier, and put her back to sleep
4:45am: Finally get back to bed
5:30am: Alarm goes off, hit snooze
6:00am: See the shadow of a small person standing at my bedroom door. . .

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