President Barack Obama may not have the election locked up, but he’s secured a firm grasp on the checkbooks of lawyers at the nation’s biggest law firms.

Of the $4.05 million Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney raised from supporters at the top 25 firms based on the 2012 NLJ 250 survey, almost two-thirds went to the president, who received $2.63 million. DLA Piper’s lawyers, who have pumped $345,997 into Obama’s campaign coffers, donated more than their counterparts at any other top 25 firm.

Romney raised $1.42 million, including $345,592 from attorneys with Kirkland & Ellis attorneys, who topped the list for him.

To determine the donation totals, The National Law Journal used data from, the website of the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. The data includes donations through October 1.

—Andrew Ramonas