This year’s Summer Associates Survey garnered responses from 4,138 interns at 138 firms, 111 of which qualified for the Overall Rankings chart. The survey was conducted from early June to early August. Surveys were distributed through a representative at the firm, whom we contact in the spring about participation. Eligible summer associates are first- and second-year law students (classes of 2013 and 2014) clerking at firms for at least three weeks during the summer. Respondents are guaranteed anonymity.

Firms must receive at least ten completed surveys to be included in the Overall Rankings chart. Individual offices listed on the Results by City chart are those from which we received at least five surveys. To determine scores for individual questions, we average respondents’ answers on a firmwide basis for the Overall Rankings chart and on a citywide basis for the Results by City chart. All question averages are rounded to two decimal places. Scores for firms are calculated from those rounded question averages, and then rounded to three decimal places.

The average score from nine job satisfaction questions is used to determine a firm’s overall score on both charts. Those questions asked how interesting the work was, how much “real” work was assigned, how the training and guidance measured up, how positive interactions with partners and with associates were, how well the firm communicated its goals and expectations, how accurately the firm portrayed itself in interviews, and the respondents’ inclination to accept a position if one were offered. The respondents were also asked to rate the firm overall as a place to work.

Firms designated as national rather than by their headquarters have no more than 45 percent of their lawyers in any single region. Firms with an international designation have at least 40 percent of their lawyers working outside their home country. Vereins are broken out separated because their structure, particularly regarding profit sharing, differs significantly from that of other Am Law 200 firms. All others list the firm’s headquarters as their location.

Firms that wish to be included in next year’s survey should contact us at Many thanks to all the firms and summer associates who participated.