After a record year for lateral moves in 2009, law firm partners looked around in 2010 and decided that there was no place like home. In the 12-month period ending September 30, 2010, only 2,014 partners left or joined Am Law 200 firms. That number was a hefty decrease—27 percent—from the same period a year earlier.



Top-Gaining Firms: Lateral Partner Hires

Firms With the Biggest Losses: Partner Defections



Staying Put
The Great Recession led to a ten-year low in lateral partner moves.

How’m I Doing?
A new survey assesses partners’ satisfaction with their pay–and lets them compare their compensation to peers across the country.

China From the Inside
More and more, Western partners are making the once-unthinkable jump to Chinese firms. Call it the ultimate expat experience.

The Lateral All-Stars 
The most significant partner moves of 2010.



The Lateral Report covers partner moves in and out of Am Law 200 firms between October 1, 2009, and September 30, 2010. We tracked 2,014 moves during this period. We count firm-to-firm moves if a lawyer was a partner in the former firm and is a partner at the new firm. We also count moves if a partner left for a position in business, government, or education, or joined a firm as a partner from one of those fields. Lateral moves are counted when one firm acquires another, but not when two firms merge and combine names.