Here’s a look at how firms fared on a market-by-market basis in our Midlevel Associates Survey. Click on a location to see which firms received a ranking there. (Only firms with at least five responses in a city qualified. For more information, see the methodology.) Click on a firm’s name to see how it scored on the 12 questions that we use to create our rankings.
  • California is the place to be. Midlevel associates in Orange County are the most satisfied in the country. The average satisfaction score for firms in that region is 4.740. Los Angeles, with an average score of 3.904, scores the highest among large U.S. markets (with 100 or more participants).
  • The South is out. The four cities receiving the lowest satisfaction scores are all located below the Mason-Dixon line. Richmond and Charlotte scored 3.346 and 3.304 respectively, while Norfolk and Raleigh tied for last with a score of 3.267.
  • At 4.917, Paul Hastings’s Orange County office has the highest average satisfaction score among all the firms receiving a city ranking. SNR Denton’s New York office, with an average score of 2.517, fared the worst.
  • For a look at how the firms rank nationally, click here.