Daphne Eviatar responds:

The majority of Sandra Hodgkinson’s claims about the November 13 article were addressed in the article itself. That the DoD takes issue with some lawyers quoted in the article does not mean that the article is inaccurate, but simply that there is disagreement among lawyers about the legal status of detainees at Bagram and the rights they are entitled to.

Ms. Hodgkinson does point out an error regarding the number of detainees in U.S. custody in Afghanistan. While about 12–14,000 prisoners are being held in Afghanistan, only about 600 are being held in U.S. custody. In Iraq, according to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, U.S.-led forces were holding more than 24,000 detainees indefinitely, without judicial review, at the end of 2007. The DoD has confirmed that, although the number of detainees in Iraq has dropped this year to approximately 15,800.