Being an attorney, in this day and age, means constant connectivity. In Big Law firms especially, it’s a principal tenet for high job performance. Always being responsive and always being reachable means that computers are forever on, and phones are forever in hands. Being online is part of the deal and shutting down is an act of rebellion.

Thus, it’s hardly a shocking revelation that many attorneys and attorneys-to-be are on social media. It’s a lightning-fast way to gather relevant intel, to seek out mentors and friends, to debrief (read: vent) and share comic relief or survival skills, and to tap into a global hivemind that’s only become more valuable in a remote working world. It’s a creative outlet, as legal meme titan @biglawboiz has acknowledged on his podcast, for inherently human and multidimensional professionals. Social media use is particularly natural for the newer batches of lawyers who have been using platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since before they went to law school—or even before they considered becoming lawyers at all.