Fueled by a healthy American market and significant growth among Chinese firms, the Global 100 posted a second straight year of major revenue increases, topping 8% as a group. In our annual report on the world’s largest law firms, we pay close attention this year to the role that China is playing in the industry’s upward trajectory. In our China 45 report, we highlight the fact that even firms toward the bottom of that list are taking big steps forward, and in a piece analyzing the past 10 years of foreign growth among the biggest U.S. firms, China emerges as a key piece of the puzzle.

In addition to the annual rankings based on revenue, profits per equity partner and head count that can be found below, we have a profile of Baker McKenzie, an enormous global firm dealing with a great tragedy in the midst of an effort to overhaul its operations. We also explore the affect on law firm practices of three years of international turmoil, since President Trump’s election and the Brexit vote, finding that in many cases, the bad news has been good for business.