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Analysts widely cheered Friday’s monthly jobs report, which showed the strongest overall employment growth since February. But not everyone is celebrating: The legal services sector lost an estimated 200 jobs last month, according to the U.S. Labor Department.

The legal sector—including lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries and other law-related professions—employed 1,135,600 people in May, according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The seasonally adjusted figures, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday morning, are provisional and could be revised.

That number is a slight decline from the 1,350,800 people employed in legal services in April. But that April figure also reflects downward revision of that month’s original number released on May 4, which showed 1,136,300 people working in the field.

The newly announced provisional May figure is identical to the March employment figure for the industry, demonstrating a medium-term trend of flat employment growth. Dating back to May 2017, the industry has lost approximately 1,000 jobs.

May saw the overall U.S. economy add a total of 223,000 new jobs, marking the 92nd consecutive month of job growth in the country

The unemployment rate in the country also dipped in May, ticking down to 3.8 percent, from the 3.9 percent reported in April.

Wages for nonfarm jobs in the U.S. rose slightly in May, with average hourly earnings increasing by 8 cents to $26.92. Over the year so far, nonfarm hourly wages have increased by 71 cents, according to BLS.

Social-media savvy investors may have been in a position to benefit on Friday morning, when President Donald Trump posted a tweet signalling a strong jobs report an hour before the figures were publicly released. A number of former White House officials described the move as a striking break from protocol.