A Michigan judicial agency says a dog’s place is in the home and has ordered a suburban Detroit judge to stop bringing pet terriers Lurch and Lizzard to court.

The State Court Administrative Office, an agency of the Michigan Supreme Court, last week contacted Eastpointe District Judge Norene Redmond about the dogs, said agency spokeswoman Marcia McBrien. “Animals don’t understand that court proceedings are not to be disturbed,” McBrien told The Detroit News for a story Thursday. “Courtrooms are serious places, and respect for the court needs to be maintained. Dogs and other pets can inject a note of informality. That was not appropriate.”Redmond said last week that she saw no problems with bringing dogs to court, something she has done occasionally since 2004.The dogs brought calm to the tense courtroom and were an attraction for schoolchildren, police officers and attorneys, she said.”The employees love having the dog. It brings a sense of happiness,” she said. “Everybody who frequents this court knows it’s a pet-friendly workplace.”The state agency learned of several complaints about the dogs. One came from a lawyer for Eastpointe.McBrien said she has been told the judge will comply with the order. Redmond declined comment.Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.