Wireless is sort of like technology’s Tom Cruise: glamorous and baffling at the same time. The good news is that like ol’ Top Gun himself, wireless doesn’t have to be understood to be appreciated; it just needs to be put to good use. These days, seemingly every tech product touts some kind of wireless functionality. Most of these are handy, but some devices and tools stand out for offering novel or downright offbeat wireless capabilities. We rounded up a few of the more innovative products and took them for a no-wires spin.

Garmin iQue M3

When a Pocket PC can be described as looking like every other Pocket PC, that’s usually not a big selling point. But in the case of the Garmin iQue M3, it’s rather extraordinary. Garmin engineers have managed to squeeze a GPS receiver inside the M3′s remarkably unremarkable exterior and stuffed its memory with an intuitive mapping application that will literally steer you out of jams.