Palm Vx ($399.00) with Palm Portable Keyboard ($99.00)

With a brief tip of the hat to the newly minted Palm M100, the 2mb mass-appeal Palm hand-held, destined for college and high school backpacks, our gaze turns to the new notebook substitute: the Palm Vx with the folding Palm Portable Keyboard.

The Palm V was cool but — with only 2mb of memory — a bit stingy on storage. The Palm Vx, on the other hand, sports a cavernous 8mb of storage, facilitating the use of this device as a notebook substitute. When the Palm Vx is combined with the recently released Palm Portable Keyboard, which folds up to a cool, pocket-sized package, you have a very light and efficient substitute to the bulky, ubiquitous notebooks crowding today’s law school classrooms. Granted, it’s not a cheap combo, but it’s much less than a full notebook computer if you don’t need one or would rather leave that bulk at home. (The Portable Keyboard is also available for the Palm III series, as well as the Palm VII series.)

Iomega ZIP 250 USB($179.95)

Iomega has done it again with a great portable storage product — only this time, using USB. After years of living in the margins of the technology world, USB connectivity has finally become commonplace. Now with hot, swappable plug-n-play USB and a 250mb capacity, the sleek, external Zip 250 is a great way to keep your data safe. Keep backups handy and share those huge outlines or even swap some MPEGS or MP3s just to keep the law school grind from getting the best of you.