It’s that time of year again, and wherever lawyers tire of wintry weather, the lament is the same: Wish I were down in Florida.

For those of you lucky enough to have a client or two based in the Sunshine State or are just planning to spend your much-needed vacation there here’s a guide to South Florida’s best restaurants, with a few caveats thrown in. First, just because Miami is in the South doesn’t mean that Miami cooking is Southern. It isn’t. It’s fish, fruit, and spice, not grits, gravy, and chitlins. Second, pay attention to the obvious. Those many miles of ocean views spell one thing to the gourmand: fish. Only a truly poor chef could fail with such an abundance of fine, fresh seafood to choose from. The oysters may not be the world’s best the ones from the Gulf of Mexico are notoriously fat and flaccid, and they lack the punch, not to mention the salinity, of those from the two Coasts but the red snapper and the tuna can’t be beat. Panroasted, charred, or broiled, it matters not. We’re talking fish lover’s heaven here.